Lar Lar Land: Meeting Completely Lar Lar

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Lar Lar Land : The Truth About Lar Lar Land

It’s created on the concept of where imagination is created, where it comes from, where it comes alive, and where it’s stored…The whole Ka-Boodle! A boy called Arthur falls into Lar Lar Land from his new home and meets a man called Completely Lar Lar. He helps Arthur get his bearings and meet new people. As the Series goes on you learn to know that Completely Lar Lar is the man who created Lar Lar Land, he makes sure that new paths of imagination are always being made or looked after by giving everything its role. As soon as you get a thought of imagination he’s the man who created that prior and sent it to whoever, whenever it was needed. It’s all planned acheter viagra belgique sans ordonnance. Yet a place that stores imagination has to be pretty crazy and Arthur is about to meet every part. Eventually, it will get darker but can Arthur get through the dark paths of imagination? Will he ever leave? Does he need to leave?

There’s a long old way to go yet, and a lot of silliness to get through first!


Part of Completely Lar Lar Publishing © a new Publishing company from Dorchester in Dorset. 


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